Random Sass - November 23

What happened to The Weeknd’ face?

If you missed it, the performer showed up to the AMA’s with a bloody face all wrapped up to, I guess cover any scaring or bruising. But, viewers have no idea how, what or why this is happening! 

Turns out, the bandaged face was just a reference to his short film, “After Hours.” 

So, now we can relax or maybe be concerned? I don’t know, I’m all over the place about this one. 

Check it out! 


Ever watch the show ‘Wipe Out?’ 

Well, a contestant has died on set and apparently this isn’t the first time either! 

The cause of death has yet to be announced, but the male contestant was experiencing chest pains after completing a course and was only in his mid 30s. 

The contestant who passed in 2009, experienced shortness of breath on set, which led to several brain surgeries and later passing from a stroke. Read more on the story here: 


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