Random Sass - September 14th

If my favorite couple ends up breaking up and the relationship ends in a restraining order, then I have zero hope for the future as far as dating goes. 

That’s right, Bachelor Colton Underwood and Cassie Rudolph broke up and she apparently filed for a restraining order. I’m sorry, what?? I don’t have all the details unfortunately, but if I had to give my opinion, Colton is crazy and Cassie needs her space. 

I love nothing more than waking up and seeing leaked NSFW photos, especially of Chris Evans! 

It all started with a fun game of Heads Up! The Avengers star accidentally shared a picture of what everyone believes was of his whooo whoooo aka, private part and you already know I googled immediately. 

If you want to hear more about Evans fine a**, click the link


Go team go!! 

Carolina Panthers had their first home game yesterday and shocker, we lost! But, regardless I’m still a fan and let’s be honest, I’m just down for the tailgates and rooftop parties anyway. Which brings me to this... next time you’re in Charlotte, check out Graham Street Pub. Great music, great service and oh yea, good lookin people. https://grahamstnc.com

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