Random Sass - September 10th

Since the beginning of quarantine, my sister has been living the life having groceries delivered vs. waiting in lines, while being forced to wear a mask.

The app she highly recommends is called Shipt and for only $14 a month or yearly subscription for $99, you can have groceries sent directly to your doorstep. I highly recommend the membership myself, because when I tried for the first time and bought soup, tea and medicine... the grocer added cookies free of charge just for noticing I wasn’t feeling too well. The gesture made me tear up a little bit, just sayin.


Goodbye Denise Richards! After just two years on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the actress has decided to leave the show. I mean, why wouldn’t she walk away.. all drama has circulated her and her husband for an entire season and now her marriage is jeopardized. But, I guess when cheating allegations are involved, anyone would run for the hills and I’m not talking Beverly Hills.

Grab a pen and write this down...

Lincoln Street Kitchen!

I’m always in the mood to try something new and Lincoln Street Kitchen in Southend of Charlotte, did not disappoint. Maybe I was just starving IDK, but the Farro Salad is off the chain, the deviled eggs are mouth watering good and don’t get me started on the cocktail list.

Right next to Craft and Seoul Food Meat Company, you’ll find a cute spot with a rooftop patio and uptown views. Definitely worth a try next time you’re in the area.


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