Random Sass - September 9th

Other than “DILFS of Disneyland,” I love following the Instagram account called “Nugget.” The profile is full of memes and videos that should brighten anyone’s day. Oh, and speaking of brighten, Nugget posted about Silk, a micro-nano bristle toothbrush that feels like a feather when brushing your teeth.. at least that’s what the reviews say. The reviews got me entering my debit card information too, because for one, I have sensitive gums and two, Silk toothbrushes have 12,000 bristles! Anyone else blown away by this?


“Kim, your sister is going to jail!” 

Probably the most memorable comment from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, well and when Kourtney commented “Kim, there’s people that are dying,” after Kim lost her uninsured $75,000 diamond earrings in the ocean. 

But, anyway the very entertaining family has decided to end the show after 20 strong seasons! No worries though, the Kardashians (unfortunately) aren’t going anywhere and will be in the news forever. 

I want to go to a theme park so bad, that my sister and I actually considered driving 5 hours to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg However, reserved tickets are selling out fast, which means no roller coasters for me anytime soon. 

I’m hoping I have a chance to go though before Taste of Williamsburg ends September 27th. I need a day where I can eat a bunch of food, throw my arms up on some thriller rides then puke my brains out! Doesn’t that sound fun?? 


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