Random Sass - September 8th

Hey friends! 

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend full of livin, laughin and lovin. 

This weekend I spent $57 dollars on a pair of shoes from TJ Maxx that I thought were overpriced, while Justin Bieber bought a $26 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion without flinching. 

Also, if you’re like myself and look up extravagant mansions as a daily hobby, then check out the link and enjoy the photos of the newly wedded couples 357th home. 


I love a good day by the pool, especially when your apartment complex provides lunch/ alcoholic freebies. However, I did not get anything free and I blame myself. So, my weekly advice is to never avoid a long line of people waiting for limited food and drinks. Because... there is a higher chance of you losing your shot at (for example) pasta salad, mac-n-cheese, brownies and White Claws. 

I’m still butt hurt about it. 

I guess it’s come to this... 

A friend of mine is engaged and recently had to cancel her bachelorette trip. So.. she hosted a Zoom bachelorette party. 

Now, before you laugh, just know that I find this hilarious myself, but I will support a girlfriend and celebrate her special moment wherever necessary. I just wanted to share this experience, because let’s face it.. it’s funny that we live in a world where we have virtual parties.. it’s safe.. yes, but ridiculous. 

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