Random Sass - September 4th

Karate Kid fans, listen up. The Netflix series, Cobra Kai is trending and not because Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a 100% rating.

At first, I didn’t even give Cobra Kai a second of my time, mostly because I thought it was about snakes... but thanks to my friends for talking about nothing other than Cobra Kai, I gave season 1 a try and now I’m over here wrapping up the second season. 

So, if you need something to watch this weekend.. here ya go. You may even want to take up karate when it’s all over. I know I do. 

A drink insulator that catches fish? Yea you heard that right. A Tulsa firefighter who got tired of putting his beer down while fishing, invented the Chill n Reel. 

Now, don’t expect to win fishing tournaments with this thing, but this hand-line fishing reel on the side of an insulated drink holder will do enough and your beer won’t spill... at least that’s the point. 


OH NO, not my baby Edward Cullen, I mean Robert Pattinson. 

I found out yesterday the Twilight star tested positive for Covid-19. Which is interesting, since the making of The Batman was put on hold due to someone on set having the virus. 

I just hope he gets well soon, so I can watch his fine a** in the Batman suit.

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