Random Sass - September 3rd

Okay, put down whatever it is that’ll distract you from what I am about to say... 

Dancing with the Stars just announced the full cast of this upcoming season, which airs September 14th. First of all, Tyra Banks is the new host and unfortunately this news didn’t excite me much... However, Tiger Kings, Carole Baskin is hitting the dance floor, so I’ll be watching every second. The Netflix star will be amongst other well-known stars like Nelly, Charles Oakley, Kaitlyn Bristowe, AJ McLean and more. 

So, get ready to watch and laugh at some not so talented dancers and ones that are so good, that they’ll embarrass the rest. 


“Has your baby daddy been acting up? Tired of him playing games?” 

These are the words from Jake James, a man offering services for those families who need a helping hand, better known as Rent-a-Daddy! 

Would you consider paying a man to come and hang out with your kids? Turns out, many families would and for just $30 an hour you could have relaxation time, while your Rent-a-Daddy enjoys fun activities with your little ones. Just don’t expect the man to stay all hours of the night and on the weekends after dinner, because that’ll cost extra. 


When two of your closest friends tell you to listen to Joe Rogans podcast with Miley Cyrus, because it reminds them of you... you listen to Joe Rogans podcast with Miley Cyrus. 

Besides her mullet of course, I do think the way she talks and the sound of her voice is similar to my own, even if she does sound like she smokes a pack a day. 

I’m still a fan however and highly recommend checking out the podcast, if not Miley’s, maybe others. After all, Joe Rogans podcast didn’t make it to my top 5 favorites for nothing.

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