Random Sass - September 2nd!

Quarantine gotcha stuck on the couch, clearing Netflix and over-plucking your eyebrows? Just me on the last one? Oh ok, well good news for those who need more to watch on Netflix. Starting yesterday, movies like 

Back to the Future, Grease, Magic Mike and Pineapple Express hit Netflix! 

More are dropping today and just about everyday this month too. (You can see the entire list of what’s to come by clicking the link)- 


I’m most excited about the new Netflix original series, Ratched which drops September 18th. I’m sure I’ll finish season 1 in a day.

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich are back together? Yesterday I saw a photo online of the divorced couple getting coffee and I was a little taken back since they announced their separation three months ago. 

I’m happy for them if they decide to work things out, but I mean I could take one look at Brooks and yell “IM YOURS.” But, can Brooks take one look at this video of Hough without running for the hills? Click the link to see what may have ended their relationship in the first place...


I need help! What’s a nice gift to give to a close girlfriend who is moving away? I can’t think of anything besides the typically framed photo and when I google gifts for friends, all I get is succulent or bracelet that reads “Best Friends Forever.” 

My roommate mentioned an electric wine opener and after hours of contemplating, all I could come up with was an IKEA gift card. Should I just say screw it and buy myself something instead? Joking! But, after all, best part about gift shopping is buying a gift for yourself too. 

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