Random Sass - September 1st

I hate that rumors about Ellen Degenerous being “mean” keep circulating. Especially, the comment that surfaced yesterday about Ellen from Mariah Carey herself..

Back in 2008, Mariah made an appearance on Ellen. At the time, everyone believed the singer was pregnant and to confirm, Ellen forces Carey to answer or drink champagne. 

And well, according to Carey, this incident made her “extremely uncomfortable,” because the singer was simply “not ready” and had just experienced a miscarriage. I’m sure or at least hope Ellen makes a comment soon. 


I crave pickles and donuts 24/7, specifically Mount Olives Kosher Dill and Krispy Kreme. I eat mustard daily, typically to dip with carrots and I like Flaming Hot Cheetos more than Sunday brunch. However, once I found out pickle, donut, mustard and Flaming Hot Cheeto flavored beer was hitting shelves, I threw up. Would you try these beers mentioned in the link below? If yes, we can’t be friends. 


Have plans for Labor Day weekend??

One of my favorite rooftop restaurants, Fahrenheit, in uptown Charlotte is having a brunch event this Sunday, September 6th. With a purchase of a 4 guest table, a brunch is included, as well as patio/lounge access before and after reservation, while four DJs perform from 11:00AM-3:00PM

I’ll be there and I couldn’t be more excited, the only problem is what to order? The Shrimp & Grits or the Jumbo Cap’N Crunch Berry Pancakes? Both?? Yea, that’s what I was thinking.

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