Random Sass - August 28th

When you think “me time,” what comes to mind? Reading a book, playing golf, watching an entire season of Netflix’ Shameless? For me, I take a trip to my favorite nail salon, Sassy Nail Bar. It’s relaxing, peaceful, quiet... well at least it is when the fire alarm doesn’t go off right when you’re having the seventh acrylic nail glued down. Luckily, they were just testing out alarms so everything was ok and shout out to April for giving me cotton balls to put in my ears. 

Katy Perry is seeing fireworks after giving birth to a baby girl! Along side fiancé Orlando Bloom, the cute couple named their first born, Daisy Dove and I couldn’t be happier that they went for something besides a direction or piece of cloth like North West or Blanket Jackson.


Get ready Bachelor Nation! The next season of The Bachelorette begins October 13th! A while back I mentioned the current bachelorette, Clare Crawley will step down from her throne early on in the season, so expect fan favorite, Tayshia Adams to take over! 

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