Random Sass - August 27th

You love discounts? Like, 40-80% off discounts?

I thought you’d say yes, so if you need to shop for a special occasion, pick up a gift for a friend or just in desperate need for retail therapy, there’s a boutique blowout sale happening today and tomorrow from 10-6PM! 

Just down the street from Southpark Mall, in the Morrison Shopping Center, you’ll find high-quality items from vendors like KK Bloom, Monkee’s, Mere Jewelry and my personal favorite, Boem. So, bring your credit card and don’t worry, your husband doesn’t have to know a thing. It’ll be our little secret. 

Search @shopboem on Instagram for more details.

So a friend of a friend, that knows a friend told me that Universal Studios may be dropping ticket prices very soon! 

Which, if you didn’t know.. last week the theme park followed in Walt Disney Worlds footsteps and is using a “date-based ticket system.” So, go during peak season, spend a fortune.. but, go during a less popular time like now and you can enjoy the parks without using half your spending money on a Harry Potter wand and Captain America shield sling launcher. 

Plus, who wants to wait 90 minutes to ride a 1.5 minute ride? So, I say plan a trip now before it’s too late. Mom? Dad? If you’re reading this.. I’m talking to you. My bags are packed.

Great! I’m officially feeling old, thanks to Home Alone star, Macaulay Culkin turning 40 years old yesterday! 

I mean, I still think of a ten year old boy named Kevin McCallister, who screams in the mirror from an after-shave burn. 

What’s next? Kylie Jenners kid is graduating college? I just can’t keep up. Stormi Webster is only two, but before we know it, she’s going to be having babies of her own..

Let’s just freeze time already! 

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