Random Sass - August 20th

I typically don’t listen to Chrissy Teigen, unless she’s talking about her French Toast Casserole with Salted Frosted Flakes... 

However, now she has me questioning the authenticity of a reality show I easily got hooked to, Selling Sunset. 

According to Teigen, she doesn’t believe the cast members are actual real estate agents. Based on how much she looks at LA real estate and the fact that I watch scripted reality tv on the regular.. I should have known too, but still.. this doesn’t mean the drama isn’t fun to watch.

PS: Here’s the recipe to the most important detail from this rant: 


Speaking of reality tv, y’all know I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night. But, besides Dorit making Teddi Mellencamps baby shower all about her, my main takeaway was how delicious the charcuterie board looked at the party. 

I mean come on, I want to see someone get yelled at. I don’t have drama in my life (at the moment), so I want to see some wine throwing on a white dress. Is that a crime? 

I’m sure tonight’s episode of NY Housewives won’t disappoint. I can see Ramona Singer getting slapped any minute. 

I guess someone felt a slight breeze because Home Goods is already filled with Fall decor. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to get out of 2020, but not ready for summer to end. When summer ends I’m sad and pale.. mostly sad, because I’m pale.

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