Random Sass - August 18th

If 2020 was a movie, it would be The Boy II... both pointless and disappointing. The only thing that got my roommate and I through the “horror” movie was the bomb a** white pizza, penne alla vodka and toasted ravioli from Zio Casual Italian, oh yea and two bottles of Meiomi Pinot Noir. But, seriously the best part about The Boy II was the credits.


What’s something you do that you’d suggest to others?? and no, drinking tequila does not count..

I got inspired when Miley Cyrus told the world that she makes lists. Lists keep her organized, productive and her advice to do the same has me making lists all day everyday, whether it’s a grocery list or a list of possible Instagram captions to use in the future. 

Does anyone else celebrate their dogs birthday? Maybe I have a crazy family, but today is a special day for my parents dog and my sisters dog. Now, don’t judge.. we didn’t buy balloons or party hats, just a cake, candles, some streamers and a bow tie for the birthday boys. I don’t see the problem, you? 

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