Random Sass - August 17th

Hey friends, happy Monday! 

Spent the weekend in Asheville, NC where I celebrated a friends birthday and faced my absolute biggest fear! Yes, on day one at the Airbnb cabin... I saw a 5 ft snake in the garage and yes, I sh*t my pants! 

Besides the horror, Asheville is beautiful, I always love being in the mountains and there is so much to do/see in the city. 

I highly recommend Wicked Weed Brewing, based on my empty plate and my friends reactions to their fried chicken sandwich.

Who clicks on the Call Her Daddy podcast just to listen to the newest episode with Miley Cyrus?  ME!!

If you’re a fan like myself, you already know Miley’s new song “Midnight Sky” dropped Friday and I already know all the lyrics. How embarrassing? 

To talk about her new song, Miley recorded her first ever podcast with podcast host, Alex Cooper and I must say listening was the therapy session I didn’t know I needed. I’ve always loved Hannah Montana, sorry I mean Miley for being her confident self and not afraid to talk about what many people find uncomfortable. Now, if she could just lose the damn mullet. 

Hey bookworms, AKA my mama, Debbie Cakes... Twilight Saga author, Stephenie Meyers just announced she’s currently working on TWO additional novels. Now, the only reading I do is either when I’m shopping online or reading a food menu... but I had to share! So, after my mom reads both novels and tells me everything that happens, I’ll come back with a full report. 

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