Random Sass - August 14th

I had to deal with the most stressful, most conflicting decision yesterday... 

What color to paint my nails.. I know, right? I’m ok, though. I made it. 

But, really I highly recommend Ultra Nail Boutique. The nail technicians never disappoint, they can do just about anything, whether you want tips or a Mona Lisa portrait on your big toe..

Ultra Nails are great at following covid-19 safety guidelines. So make an appointment next time you’re in the Charlotte area and tell them Sass sent ya. 

Checked out a new sports bar in Charlottes Historic Southend, called The Fairwood 226. Everyone was being safe in their masks, the bartenders make a bomb a** vodka soda and the guys are all very attractive, so umm singles ladies... you’re welcome. 


As we step into the weekend, I hope everyone has exciting plans, which could be napping and I am here for that! However, I won’t be doing much relaxing this weekend unless you consider hiking in 90 degree weather and brewery hopping around Asheville, NC “relaxing.” 

Apparently, the 16 friends I’m camping up with want to see Linville Falls? I don’t know but I’m up for it, as long as no snakes show up... then I’m out and waiting in the car while my girlfriends pose for Instagram.

I’ll let ya know how the trip goes.. 

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