Random Sass - August 13th

A trip to the mall was well overdue so yesterday I made a pit stop to Southpark, here in Charlotte, NC. Ps. The closed fitting rooms gotta go!!

Anyway, the second I pull into the parking lot and park, what might as well have been a tsunami, hit my car. First off, why is it that every time I’m arriving somewhere a thunderstorm hits? Second, why do I always leave my umbrella in the trunk? 

Has anyone checked on Simon Cowell? 

Just curious, because I read that he broke his back riding his new electric bike, which is why he has been MIA on America’s Got Talent. Then I see a picture of quite the transformation and I barely recognize the man. 

But regardless of which plastic surgeon should be fired, I’m happy to hear Simon is up walking again after his back surgery and excited to see him give more insulting comments to contestants on AGT. 

Y’all already know I got the 411 on what happens on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

So, I’ll break down last nights episode for ya. 

Denise Richards is still trying to convince everyone she didn’t cheat on her husband, Dorit Kemsley speaks one out of the four languages she knows and Erika admits to once getting a serious head injury from what Ace & TJ call “piano playing.”

Now, for something I’m surprised about, Lisa Rinna went to church!

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