Random Sass - August 12th

I love when a story is so good that it goes viral all over again, three years later.

A story found on E News, 

back in 2012, Bailey Sellers lost her father to cancer. On her next birthday after his passing, Bailey received a card and flowers at her doorstep. 

Baileys father had pre-ordered flowers for her to have every year on her birthday. She received the last order in 2017, when this story came out and gained 1.5 million likes on Twitter. I mean why wouldn’t this go viral? What an incredible story! 

If you know me, you’d say I’m a mango addict, I drink way too much coffee and have a weird obsession with horror movies. With that being said, thanks to a good friend of mine, yesterday I was introduced to In Search of Darkness

I new I had to watch this after realizing its an “exploration of 80s horror movies.” Oh, it also didn’t hurt to see Rotten Tomatoes give the documentary a 94%. Just sayin..

I watched for free on Shudder. It’s a subscription service for those weird people who enjoy nothing but gruesome, spooky, horror movies like myself...

I love it, I only pay $5 a month and no, this is not an ad. 

Remember back when everything was easy and your biggest worry was what movie to rent out at Blockbuster?

Yesterday Blockbuster tweeted for the first time since closing in 2014, saying “Just checking in” and I was immediately taken back to when I was 12, wearing my starburst flavored Lip Smacker lip gloss, trying to think of ways to convince my dad that we should rent out Legally Blonde AND She’s the Man

Damn, I miss the simpler times. 

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