Random Sass - August 11th

If you missed it, Ace returned to the show yesterday and it sure was nice hearing his voice. Without saying too much, just check out the link to hear what Ace wanted to share with the radio family. 


Want to see more of Tyler Cameron? AKA, Hannah Browns hottest, sweetest, most perfect runner-up that got away on her Bachelorette season?

Then say no more Bachelor Nation, because, who you know as Tyler C, is coming to YouTube! That’s right, he’s launching a channel TODAY and will post every Tuesday. I’m expecting workout videos, workout videos and maybe a workout video. I’ll be watching weekly with popcorn and binoculars in hand. 

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities order at popular, fast food restaurants? No? Just me? 

Well, skater legend Tony Hawk, is partnering with Chipotle and just released the “Tony Hawk Burrito,” made exactly the way he orders it. I was a little offended when I found out my man Hawk doesn’t put corn salsa on his burrito, but on the plus side, be one of the first 2,000 people to order before Friday and get access to his Pro Skater warehouse demo. Also known as “one of summers most anticipated video game releases.” 

Oh, Chipotle is giving away 5,000 burritos during the stream as well... which if you ask me, that just sounds like a bunch of people are going to experience diarrhea. But, IDK.


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