Random Sass - August 10th

If ya need a good laugh and who doesn’t on a Monday, check out Orlando Blooms recent Instagram post of his fiancé, Katy Perry. 


She tries the “Friday Dance” Challenge and does NOT let her baby pump get in the way of her breaking it down to the beat. 

Also, if you want to see what I look like every time I eat Chipotle.. check out Katy Perry’s recent post captioned “poopedstar.”

I still can’t believe this is real, but a British woman went viral on social media last week, after she taped a ‘Missing’ ad on a telephone pole.

If you want to help, his name is Higgins and he’s a Roomba. Higgins was last seen cleaning the living room and the owners followed his cleaning track to the beach before losing the trail. 

Oh, and you won’t believe the woman’s name who started all of this... 



Went to Lazy 5 Ranch Friday and had a stomach-hurting laugh the entire time. Not sure what Lazy 5 Ranch is? 

Well, it’s just like it sounds.. a place where guests can be lazy on a ranch operated by a team of 5 staff members. You just cruise with your windows down through a ranch full of sheep and goats, giraffes, deer and elk, zebras, kangaroos and other exotic animals. Also, you can purchase buckets of food to feed the animals, but expect some slobbery windows and cows love putting their entire head in the car. 

Definitely a fun date idea! 


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