Random Sass - August 7th

Never thought I’d love leopard print with Birkenstock’s more in my entire life. 

Thank you, Chris Pine for being a fashion influencer without even trying. 

But to be honest, when you click on the link to see this fashionista, take a glimpse at the mask.. is it just me or is it placed awkwardly too high on his face? I have a friend who wants to know..


Have y’all been to Reid’s Fine Foods? I went to the SouthPark location for dinner last night, well for wine and had the best time (maskless) on the patio. I tried truffle fries with ranch so good I should have just asked for a straw. Afterwards, my roommate, Brooke started craving beer so I recommended Legion Brewing, but what I did not recommend was the upset stomach that came after eating their pimento cheese dip.

If Jason Momoa wasn’t already perfect, now he’s restoring his wife’s first car she ever bought herself at age 17. But, since this sounds too good to be true I dug deeper and realized Momoa just paid a very well-known auto shop. 

Either way, Momoa’s thoughtful gift was precious and the full restoration is on YouTube.. which, GO Momoa for documenting a special moment for his wife to cherish forever. 


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