Random Sass - August 5th

As I scroll through Amazon, wanting to purchase unmissable, 90s inspired sunglasses.. I can’t help but think of Riggins. I remember talking to Riggins one day and him saying about how much he dislikes women in funky, “obnoxious” shades. So, before I add a pair of “retro neon-yellow/oversized” sunglasses to my cart, I want to apologize to Riggins in advance for all the photos I’ll take and post all over Instagram. 

“She’s coming!” But, is she really? 

If you keep up with Miley Cyrus like I do, you probably know about her recent tweet, “Meet Miley Cyrus, again” with her music video “Start All Over” attached. Now, her last album “She is Coming” was suppose to be her big comeback and even though I blare “Unholy” daily, I can’t help but be eager for some new bad a** lyrics. 

Also, not that I’m a stalker or anything, but she reportedly bought a new home in Hollywood Hills next to a Kardashian AND even though Cyrus has yet to address the rumors, she is sharing with fans her new vocal exercises, post vocal cord surgery. So, tell us MILEY! Are you releasing music in 2020? People aka myself, want to know..

Found a list of movies that just hit Netflix and they may not be new movies, but fun, feel-good, kid movies that will put a smile on your face, if you have a soul. Click on the link below to choose what movie to watch on Netflix next and yes, I watched #11, #12 and #14 yesterday. Oops. 


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