Random Sass - August 4th

Okay, maybe Chris Harrison was right.. this season of The Bachelorette IS the most dramatic season yet. According to 87,963 rumors hitting the internet yesterday, the current bachelorette, Clare Crowley is being replaced by Bachelor Nation fan favorite, Tayshia Adams. But don’t feel sorry for Clare just yet. Apparently, Clare fell in love with one of the contestants (aka Dale Moss), who received the first impression rose on night one of filming. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m already exhausted and the season hasn’t even started yet..


Dog owners, well fluffy dog owners.. Aldi now has pet-cooling mats and bandana collars to keep your heavy coated prince and/or princess from overheating this summer. The prices are so good that I’ll let you enjoy the surprise when you find out AND both products are self-cooling, which means no refrigerator, batteries or wall plug necessary, so go ahead and keep charging ya phone.


Not sure if y’all watch The Titan Games, hosted by Dwayne Johnson.. but HOLY HELL, this show is insane. The challenges and obstacles each competitor faces makes me want to run ten miles and eat Taco Bell all at the same time. Just thought I’d throw this out there too, the current Titan champion moving on to the finals is Will Sutton from good ole Trenton, NC! Ps: Trenton has a population of 287. 

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