Random Sass - July 28th

It’s official guys! I’m moving!! The Golden Girls home is on the market so I’m grabbing cheesecake and hitting the road to Los Angeles, California. Don’t worry, I’ll visit in Charlotte and my good ole hometown of Goldsboro, but after I reenact every episode oh, and come up with 3 million dollars to own the house. 


Martha Stewart who is 78, has four homes  and goes viral after posting one pool selfie at her East Hampton home. MJ, Kris Jenners mother who is 86, is celebrating her birthday in Calabasas, with pre-rolled joints served on trays by male models... I need to get my sh*t together. 


I’m a Godmother! Well sort of... I was relaxing on my patio for about 2.7 seconds before a bird landed on my hanging fern. The chirping got out of control and then I realized, it’s not just one bird.. it’s FOUR!! I now have three baby birds and a feisty mama bird who likes to get an attitude when I want to enjoy MY outdoor living space. So now, I’m a godmother with a dead fern because watering the damn thing isn’t possible.

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