Random Sass - July 13th

Do you love a good chick flick? I know I sure do. I watched Netflix' Desperados over the weekend and not mad that I canceled brunch to do so.. I also watched The Gift on Netflix and started The Haunting of Sharon Tate before taking what felt like the longest nap of my life.. and thats what Sundays are for.. movies and naps!

Found out my favorite podcaster is having a live virtual show this weekend since she of course can't tour at the moment. I'd much rather see her live in person, but watching from my couch in sweats, while drinking wine doesn't sound horribly miserable. If you want to laugh with me, check out the link for details and go ahead and mark your calendar for July 19th. 


Disney World reopens! Even though I'm excited to go back to the parks, is this the best decision if Florida has a record-high increase of Covid-19 cases? My answer is no, but I don't have a problem wearing the new Disney cloth face masks.. they're cute and only 4 for $20. 


"I feel personally victimized!" So, since quarantine began, I've been into coloring, puzzles, DIY projects and baking. Well, I found a story about a guy complaining, saying he is embarrassed by his girlfriends childish hobbies, which are coloring, puzzles, arts & crafts and baking cupcakes/cookies! The boyfriend says "It's like dating a 10 year old." I'm sorry, who is this loser? Which brings me to the question.. Why do people date people they don't like?


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