Random Sass - July 10th

I’ve died and gone to Reese’s heaven! Have you heard about the Reese’s peanut butter flavored cupcakes? Sorry, one second.. I need to clean up my drool. The Reese’s cupcakes just hit shelves in Walmart, so you better grab ya keys and get to that dessert aisle. 


I’m going to get serious for a moment and say how sad I am to hear about the disappearance of Naya Rivera. I find the case a bit confusing and when I looked up Lake Piru where she went swimming, I was shocked to find out there were about seven deaths from drowning between 1994-2000. I’m sorry, what? This lake is so popular, yet dangerous at the same time.


Don’t you hate rearranging furniture for over an hour to just put everything back exactly how you originally had it?  Yea, this happened last night when my roommate wanted “a different vibe” in our living room. On a positive note, when I moved the couch, I found my NYX lip liner so… there’s that.  

A childhood friend shared her engagement photos yesterday and I couldn’t hold back the tears. I remember when she announced her engagement, I got so excited for the wedding and hoped to be invited.  Then I thought, Who does this NOT sound like and who would do anything to NOT go to a wedding?? Say it with me.. 1… 2… 3…. Riggins! 

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