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After celebrating America over the weekend, I’m sure everyone is more energized than ever to get back to work.With my sarcasm still intact, I spent July 4th with friends in Lake Keowee, SC.Besides forgetting all my toiletries, the weekend went smoothly, consisting of many laughs, a few games of corn hole and night boating. When I arrived back in Charlotte, NC in desperate need of food, I checked out a new bakery.I came home to a package filled with goodies, thanks to a very persuading blogger I follow and if you’ve been out in the sun like myself, I found the perfect, new sunscreen for yourself, a friend, a godmother or your step-brothers friends cousin twice removed.

Does anyone else crave sweets 24/7? When Charlotte Agenda announced a new bakery opening in Charlotte, I jumped to my feet.The bakery is called Suárez Bakery and its newest location is in Optimist Hall, which is a massive food hall with a wide variety of food, bars and retail stands.The food hall continues to grow with Suárez Bakery being its newest spot when you’re craving something sweet.Serving an assortment of cookies, cupcakes, pastries and my personal favorite, donuts, Suárez Bakery may be my new favorite hangout.Optimist Hall is known for having a spacious environment, with indoor and outdoor work space and now with a top-quality bakery, I may never leave.

Thank you Shannon Ford, a social media influencer, who’s great at persuading her Instagram followers. Ford recently posted about the new Verb Energy Bars, which immediately caught my attention.How often do you hear about green tea based energy bars, providing the same amount of caffeine as an espresso shot? I’ll go ahead and answer this one.. it’s not a lot..

I began to notice several other social media influencers were sharing their positive reviews and once the FOMO (fear of missing out) hit, I quickly pulled out my debit card and ordered the 4 Bar Trialbox.With the 4 Bar Trial, Verb sends you one bar in each of their four flavors, Simply Cocoa, Vanilla Latte, Salted Peanut Butter, and Coconut Chai.If the list of flavors wasn’t persuading enough, Verb allows you to sample all four bars for free, just cover the shipping fee.After the first week, a new bundle of Salted Peanut Butter will be sent your way, unless you choose to cancel that is, but it’s highly doubtful.Once you try Verb Energy Bars out yourself, you’ll see what I mean and you can just thank me later.

As our cities continue fighting through a global pandemic, masks are officially mandatory where all social-distancing is not possible.With this being said, I’ve spent less time in public and more time by the pool.For months now, I’ve been on the lookout for a new, daily sunscreen, which is both hydrating and nurturing for my skin.Since my teenage years, I struggle finding non-greasy sunscreen, due to my sensitive, acne prone skin.Nothing seemed to work, until I found Tula.

Tula Skincare released a new daily sunscreen not too long ago and I finally have my hands on the best sunscreen for your face.Compared to the thousands of sunscreens I’ve tried, the Protect + Glowis more like a skin care product, with an added bonus of SPF 30.My skin feels smooth, protected and who doesn’t want their face smelling like pineapple and papaya?

Now, with Tula sunscreen and a beach towel in hand, I’m off to the pool.I hope to see no one and enjoy a quiet day, since quarantine is creating a socially awkward introvert, who would rather watch all eight seasons of Dance Moms, than make a public appearance wearing a mask.

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