Random Sass - November 30th

Wait, this doesn’t seem right! 

Did Demi Lovato really pose with turkeys just days before Thanksgiving? 

Apparently, Lovato made a visit to the Farm Sanctuary where she sponsors one of their rescued turkeys. You can also adopt a turkey, which I thought was interesting and had to throw that out there.. But, of course majority of the audience thought Lovato’s choice of posing with a turkey right before cooking one for herself was a little.. off. I mean, she posted a picture of a cooked turkey on Thanksgiving day captioning “thankful,” so I’m getting some cringing vibes myself. 


Mariah Carey is showing up for Christmas this year. The singer just revealed the official trailer forMariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special! Now, if you’re like me.. you’ve already played “All I Want For Christmas” about 57 times since Thanksgiving. So, expect a show full of Christmas songs with dancing, animations and some guest performances with some what I’d call A-list celebrities, like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dogg and more.

The special will be available this Friday, December 4th on Apple Music so get your tacky Christmas sweater ready and stock up on a bottle of wine. 

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