Random Sass - November 20

Not many people are pleased with the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC. I mean, when I think of the long lasting tradition I think of Home Alone when Kevin runs to his mom in the end. Well, of course in 2020 this years tree is a couple twigs or if you need a visual, The Charlie Brown tree. Not sure who was in charge, but were trees on short supply this year? 

A lot of people are saying cancel the Rockefeller Christmas tree for good! 


Well, I know what I’m drinking from now on! I found this new holiday cocktail and you ready?... Pecan Pie Martini. All you need is rumchata, cocoa, bourbon, caramel, cool whip, cinnamon and of course pecans. Since I never cook, I always bring a cocktail to make for friends at holiday parties. Normally I’m less fancy, but when I read the words “pecan pie,” I decided to spice things up.. literally. 

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