Random Sass - November 18

Remember back in September, the live-action Mulan was released on Disney+? Also, remember Disney+ trying to charge us $30 dollars to watch the damn thing? Well, if you are like me and waiting for that big FREE sign, Mulan will officially be available free on December 4th. So, save that money for Christmas shopping and watch with me FO FREE in a couple of weeks.

Let’s travel to year 2095, shall we?

There’s a new entertainment complex in west Charlotte called District 57 and the place is set in 2095 with escape rooms, neon lights, pool tables, electronic dart machines and more. Charlotte Agenda compared District 57 to the show, Survivor. So, be ready to challenge yourself both mentally and physically if you want to escape what the owners call The Grid. Here’s a link for more information about this new hot spot!


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