Random Sass - November 17

Oh SNAP! Did Bachelorette winner, Dale cheat on fiancé Clare Crawley? 

According to a source, Dale was seen at a event with three models and later getting drinks with a fourth, who he so calls a friend… I didn’t know we kissed friends though? That’s right, Dale was seen smooching on a hot tamale and let’s just hope it was just a peck on the cheek and nothing further. After all, Dale only proposed to Crawley a month ago. Then again, they only knew each other for four weeks before Dale got down on one knee, so maybe we should blame Crawley for rushing into who she thought would be her husband after night one on The Bachelorette.

I’m sorry, come again..

Did you know there are mushroom flavored candy canes? One second, I need to go vomit. 

Maybe you like mushrooms, but I don’t think mushroom flavored candy sounds good. The product is currently sold by Archie McPhee who also introduced pickle flavored candy canes and are you ready… rotisserie-chicken flavored candy canes. Yea, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking.. these are going to end up in the trash, if not stuck on the shelves wherever sold.

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