Random Sass

So, the People’s Choice Awards turned out to be not so painful to watch. Demi Lovato hosted this years award show and made a pretty humorous joke about her life during quarantine. The singer even called herself out after ending her two-moth engagement, saying “I got engaged and I got un-engaged.” #awkward

My favorite show on Netflix, Outer Banks won The Most Bingeworthy Show Award,

Blake Shelton won for Best Country Artist and gave a sweet shoutout to his fiancé, Gwen Stefani. Oh, and Jennifer Lopez’ fine self won the People’s Choice Icon Award.. and I mean why wouldn’t she? Look at her.

Anyways, those were some highlights that stood out to me.

Wait, you fit WHAT in your mouth?

While doing my daily scroll through Tik Tok, I noticed Billie Eilish shared a video, which never happens and the video can never be unseen.

Apparently when Eilish was 15 she stuck the end of a ukulele in her mouth! She decided to see if she could do it again and the video is both priceless and a bit scary.

Click the link to see for yourself...


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