Random Sass - November 11

Ryan Murphy, the creator and producer of the television series, American Horror Story just dropped the first poster for the season 10 theme!


Since the beginning of March, Murphy has released a few clues and fans think they’ve figured everything out. With photos of hands crawling out of the ocean, a beach and razor-sharp teeth… Are the fans right? Are we getting a season about mermaids? What about a cursed cruise ship with killer clowns? Or, will this season be like Netflix’ Outer Banks, but everyone has piranha like teeth. Ok, I’m only joking now.. Expect AHS Season 10 later in 2021 on FX.

Speaking of television, HBO will not be picking up Season 2 of Stephen Kings, The Outsider. Sorry one second, I need to grab a tissue…

Ok, but luckily Netflix is bringing us Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, so at least we have something else that’s weird to watch. In the meantime, I’m going to watch Dirty John and The Office on repeat.

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