Random Sass - November 3

Hey, You!

You, season 3 is officially happening and will be released on Netflix in 2021. There is no official release date, but the newest season will consist of 10 episodes. If you are unfamiliar, You is a thriller series about a young man who gets obsessive over women to the point he will go to extreme measures to have them. I’m talking really extreme measures. The main characters are played by Penn Badgley who you may recognize from Gossip Girl and Victoria Pedretti, who stars in Netflix’ Haunting of Hill House.

Buckle up America, it’s Election Day! But, let’s put politics aside for the moment and talk about something very important… The Bachelorette is not airing tonight, but Thursday! Ok, I am only kidding.. I know this is not major news, but I had several friends unaware of the air time change so I wanted to pass this information along to all of you Bachelor fans out there.

You’re welcome.

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