Random Sass - October 19

I found the sweetest story over the weekend. SIKE, the story I came across involves a generous customer and a grumpy, stressed out pizza deliverer.So according to the man who just wanted his food, he tipped the delivery guy $12 on a $23 bill. That’s over 50%!! When the customer handed over his cash tip, the delivery guy responds “Only 12 dollars?” “That’s like three dollars after I pay for gas?” I’m sure you can guess what happens next.. at least I did. The customer takes back his tip after hearing his delivery guy complain continuously and that is exactly how I would have reacted. If I tip you 50%, say thank you and get back to your job. But, some say he should not have taken the tip away? What would you do in this situation? https://www.distractify.com/p/man-took-back-pizza-delivery-tip

Been there, done that!

Bachelorette alum, Hannah Brown shared on Instagram yesterday that she met a cute stranger while walking down the street.Brown explained being nervous to stop and say anything, so she decided to leave a note on his car saying “call me sometime.”

I’ve done this myself, never got a call back, but I keep telling myself I put the note on the wrong vehicle. Either way, I got denied big time. High hopes for Hannah Brown though...

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