Random Sass - October 14

Season 16 of The Bachelorette premiered last night on ABC and is this the most dramatic season yet? I think so.. 

After just meeting 30 men, the 39 year old bachelorette, Clare Crawley believes she found her husband. So, were the spoilers right? Is it Dale Moss, the former NFL player? Well, regardless the two definitely had a connection after just 2.7 minutes of meeting and their naturalness around each other gave me hope. Let’s just pray that if and when Clare decides to leave the show for Moss, they stay together. After all this is her fourth time on The Bachelor.

What?? This can’t be real? 

If you’ve been to McDonalds in the past month, you’ve noticed The Travis Scott Meal, The J. Balvin Meal and now the popular DJ, Diplo is getting his very own personalized meal on the menu! But rather than it being a delicious, modified McDonalds Big Mac or Quarter Pounder, the menu item to prepare for is called “Diplo Mad Decent Breakfast Meal.” Yea, what a mouth full, right? But no really, it’s huge! Picture a McGriddle, two eggs, two slices of cheese, slice of ham, sausage patty and oh yea, Filet-o-Fish with extra sauce. 

I don’t know about you, but my stomach hurts just thinking about it. 


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