Random Sass - October 12

Always a fun time in a women’s bathroom after a few (maybe more) cocktails. Sometimes you meet your soulmate who compliments you on everything and offers life changing advice... and sometimes you provide Ibuprofen, a pep-talk and ginger ale for when you hear someone shout from a stall, “What was in that egg roll?” 

Also, never eat egg rolls from a sports bar. I’ve never done this, but based on my new best friend I met in the bathroom and the concerning sounds she was making last Friday, I clearly never want to. Just stick to the bacon, cheese fries and/or wings. Either way sounds like a rush to the bathroom to be honest, so you do you, boo!

SNL fans could not get enough of Jim Carrey as Joe Biden, so he has returned as the fly that landed on Mike Pence’ head during the Vice Presidential Debate, which was held on October 7th. 

Also, one of my all time favorites, Maya Rudolph plays Kamala Harris and if you watched the debate.. the accuracy can’t be beat! 

Here’s the link to the SNL skit if you’d like to laugh real quick.. and who doesn’t need a good laugh?! 


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