Random Sass- October 8

What once was the busiest area in Uptown Charlotte is now deserted and I’m wondering if, what locals know as Epicentre, will ever be the same again. Several businesses in theEpicentre are still closed, included bars and nightclubs, which have been empty for over six months now due to the pandemic. Before quarantine, during lunch hours people would swarm the area for coffee, a quick lunch at Firehouse Sub, Vida Cantina and more. Also, Rooftop 210, which is where Second Chance Prom was held is 2018, is now packed up and completely cleaned up as if they are still under construction. Just sad to think what once made Charlotte so unique, Epicentre is just another empty, unused space in the city.

Let’s just all hope everything gets back to normal soon.

Listen up!

If you attended Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s annual Mecktoberfest event from September 25-27, you should be tested for Covid-19.

County health director, Gibbie Harris confirms some attendees tested positive for the virus, so best to take precautions now.

Just wanted to share this!

Found on @charlotteagenda

Stay safe out there, guys!

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