Random Sass - September 29

Why am I just now watching this?

In 2015, “Secret in Their Eyes” was released, a thriller with a cast that I guess is impressive... like Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts. I found the movie on Netflix during my nightly scroll and had to share. So if you’re like me and prefer thriller/horror over other genres, here ya go!

Also, while I have you here and I’m talking about Netflix, “In the Tall Grass” is freaking weird. If you’ve watched, will you let me know what happened, because I’m still lost and I’ve tried watching it twice..

Gwyneth Paltrow poses nude to celebrate her 48th birthday! Now, I’m all about self love and not giving a sh*t about what anyone thinks, but I must say... seeing her 16 year old daughter comment “MOM” on her Instagram post, made me a little uncomfortable. I know if I was her daughter, Apple, I’d probably comment the same, followed with three vomit emojis and maybe even hit the block button. I’m just sayin. There’s some things your kids shouldn’t see, especially at a age where they just want to survive high school.

Can’t stop won’t stop, even though I really want to.

I can’t get enough of point of view (POV) roller coaster videos on YouTube. My favorite thing, besides eating a Crunchwrap from Taco Bell after a night out, is going to theme parks. So, when I can’t go to one, I watch rollercoaster videos from the same view as if I was sitting front row and while pretending yesterday, I found out some pretty exciting news. Universal Studios just announced an upcoming record-breaking Jurassic World ride, called VelociCoaster. With a 80 degree drop, two launches that reach up to 70mph and some twisters included.. I would say to eat your turkey leg after you ride.

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