Random Sass - September 28

It's National Coffee Day! Which means, I'm going to prepare myself for an upset stomach while I go to every location possible for free coffee, while I make a cup at home with my almond milk hazelnut creamer. Today, Dunkin Donuts is giving away a medium hot or cold cup of coffee with any purchase, Circle K and Pilot are giving a free cup of coffee and Starbucks reward members can celebrate with Star Days. Customers can play Starland, which allows over 2 million people to win prizes like cup of coffee, breakfast, coffee beans, etc..

A Peter Pan and Wendy film is happening and here is what I know so far…

The live-action movie is casting Ever Anderson as Wendy, who was also in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and the very adorable, Alexander Molony will be playing Peter. However, I’m most excited about who is playing the villain, Captain Hook… which happens to be Jude Law, who you may recognize from Sherlock Holmes, Fantastic Beasts and The Holiday.

So, Disney fans be ready to travel to Neverland when the movie is released in theaters next year!

I’m crying while typing this story about a 89 year old pizza delivery man, Derlin Newey who received a $12,000 tip.

Newey went viral on Tik Tok after being one of the friendliest men around to ever drop off a families pizza. The video was footage from the home security camera and you have to watch! But, maybe grab some tissues first…https://www.distractify.com/p/89-year-old-pizza-delivery-man-giant-tip

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