Random Sass - September 25

The (my) queen of country music, Reba McEntire, is podcasting now and it’s called Living and Learning. Just hearing her voice makes me happy and her first episode brought me many laughs when she had special guest, Dolly Parton and Melissa Peterson. You can listen now through Spotify.

Chris Hemsworth can pretty much do anything and I’d still marry him. For example, he wouldn’t have to shower for weeks, he could live in a van or even walk around barefoot on the way to get coffee in town... which he did and I’m all here for it. Maybe it’s a common thing in Australia, but I’d walk barefoot with him on the street any day of the week.

Demi Lovato ends her engagement and why did I see this coming? According to Demi, just months after proposing, there was a lot of tension and she felt her fiancé, Max Ehrich didn’t have good intentions. Her comments didn’t stop there. Demi felt she couldn’t trust him and he seemed “sketchy.” 

So, I’m expecting a new song in the next three months. 

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