Random Sass - September 21

Happy Monday, friends! 

Hope everything had an enjoyable weekend. I unfortunately had to work Friday-Sunday, but while doing so, I met some members of The Ace & TJ Show radio family. We bonded over our hometown of Goldsboro, my “love” life, a barbecue restaurant that I must try (even though I’m pescatarian) and I was asked who my favorite cast member was.. which  if you had to guess for fun, who would you say is? Hint: The cast member is a man. 

And this is why I watch Netflix’s Schitts Creek on repeat! The very hilarious show (in my opinion) won ALL SEVEN awards in the comedy category at the Emmys. With this being said, I think you better check out this show and amazing cast of Eugene and Daniel Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Emily Hampshire and more! 

Now, If you give Schitts Creek a try and don’t like the show... we can’t be friends. 

What makes your dad a bad a**? 

I could go on and on about how much my dad inspires me and how I think he is the coolest, most hard working man on the planet. Besides working since he was 15 and owning his own business for 22 years... I’d have to say what I find awesome is his passion for drag racing. According to my mom, my dad “had so much fun” getting back on the track this past weekend and by the sound of it, it’s like he never stopped racing. Brings me back to when I was younger wearing headphones in the crowd, while cheering on my dad with a hot dog and Cheetos in my hand. Oh, the simpler times.

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