Random Sass - September 18

Several A-list celebrities participated in a Zoom, table read of the 1980s classic “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and things may have been a little awkward for a few of them.

Like, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt having to flirt and Morgan Freeman having to read a very blush-worthy scene, which was re-enacted by Aniston and Pitt.

Other stars like Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts participated, but definitely had the longer end of the stick.

SNL star, Amy Poehler on The Kelly Clarkson Show was everything I needed and more. Poehler’s impersonation on teenagers was spot on and she gave the exact reenactment of me trying to open a bottle of wine (which is not smooth).

If you missed these hilarious moments, you can find a few clips on YouTube or check out NBC.com for full episodes.

Can we skip to 2021 already?

Starting Sunday, the VERY popular video app, TikTok will be banned!! No more downloading, no more posting and no more of my two, sometimes five hours of scrolling through random videos.. hoping a few will make me laugh.

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