Random Sass

“And the crowd goes wild…” Well, sort of

If you missed it, The Academy of Country Music Awards were last night and the show ended with something that’s NEVER happened before. Instead of one, TWO singers went home with the Entertainer of the Year Award. Both Carrie Underwood and Thomas Rhett’s took the stage to accept their award, but the fans weren’t necessarily happy with the results. But, with everything going on in the world, I’m sure people were looking for something to complain about… I on the other hand, don’t see a problem with sharing. Unless it comes down to me sharing my Nacho Cheese Doritos, then you better back off!

“I’ll have the Travis Scott Meal please.”

In the beginning of the week, Travis Scott fans could not get enough of his specific order at the very popular fast food chain, McDonalds. Now, Travis Scott merchandise has been released and you wouldn’t believe how much fans are paying for a Travis Scott/McDonalds t-shirt. Originally items like shirts and hoodies cost anywhere from $45-$75 bucks… Now people are reselling these items online, anywhere from $350-$600!!!

I’m sorry, a Travis Scott McNugget body pillow does sound bad a**, but I wouldn’t slap my dog in the butt with it. Sorry.

My man, Jim Carrey is heading back to Saturday Night Live as Joe Biden. Carrey will join the stage with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and other to hopefully, make funs laugh during this very stressful time in politics. I don’t care how Carrey returns though, as long as I get to see him on TV.

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