WATCH: Tik Toker Loses Taste and Smell, Tries Nasty "COVID Taste Test"

I, Otis, tested positive last week but isn't having any symptoms losing taste and smell. One Tik Toker is having that issues so he tested out some nasty foods.

Unfortunately, the virus did finally catch up with me. As a family, we've been trying to be super careful, but with numbers spiking, it reached our house. I am thankful that I have zero symptoms so far (day 7). That's a positive sign. Aside from feeling drained of energy and super ill, a lot of people are saying the loss of taste and smell is the weirdest part of the disease. I still have both!

One Tik Toker named Russell Donnelly is having some symptoms of COVID, and tested positive for the disease. He did lose his taste and smell, so he did a little "COVID Taste Test" on video, and it's garnered over 16 million views. In the video, he chooses some potent, disgusting foods to try and see if he is effected. He bites into a raw onion, then tries eating an Oreo with Wasabi in it, drinking orange juice after brushing his teeth (UGH!!), and drinking shots of vinegar. He isn't phased at all. Check this out: