Man Plants Christmas Trees In Potholes To Get Back At The City

After blowing 4 tires on potholes that he had already complained to the city about, Kevin Martin filled them with Christmas Trees.

A small town in Massachusetts apparently has a serious problem with pot holes and deteriorating roads. Martin was traveling along Route 1 Saturday night in North Attleborough, when he hit a series of potholes that blew out his tires. Martin has previously sent letters to the city to clean up the roads and get the roads back in shape, so he was not happy at all.

He told WJAR that he had to act, after it costing him nearly $600. Martin grabbed som potting soil and some small Christmas trees from the local Home Depot and got to planting the pot holes. He told WJAR, "I waited until fresh early morning and did it on my way to work today."

It garnered some attention from the city as they wrote, "Looks like someone is getting into the Christmas spirit early...guess that is one way to fill pot holes?" the North Attleborough Police Department wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.

Martin said it worked because the city is filling the holes as we speak! Love this! haha