Man Arrested For Swimming In Bass Pro Shop Tank

Look, I get it.... it's HOT! However, taking a dip in the Bass Bro Shop's giant tank is frowned upon. This guy was caught on the store camera. #MoronMonday

Kevin Wise was charged with simple criminal damage to property for taking a quick dip at a Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, Louisianna. Store surveillance caught the man hoping into the tank during the middle of the day, when customers where shopping throughout the store. He then tried to make a quick and slippery exit out of the store but was stopped by store security, who called police.

Wise was cited with a notice to appear in court and released... to go grab a towel and reconsider his stunts. Let's hope he doesn't decided to visit the Georgia Aquarium next.

Side note: In all honesty.... I've considered doing this before. Quick way to get TikTok famous!