I Call Them D-H-Y Projects In My House: "Don't Hurt Yourself"

I am probably the clumsiest Handy Man there is... my fence project this weekend, ended with me gashing my shin with a hammer after being attacked by bees.

I've been working on my fence for a few weekends now. I started by power-washing the whole thing to clean it up, now I'm replacing some supports and dog ears that are rotted or broken. Seems like a simple project... right? Not for the clumsy handy man that is ME!

I always joke that no matter what, my projects always start with me bleeding before I even leave Lowe's. By joking, I mean EVERY TIME! This one was no exception. My hand was bleeding in two spots after trying to put the 2 X 4's and dog ears in the SUV.

That wasn't bad, it was the yellow jacket's nest in the ground that I stepped on, that really hurt. Now I can deal with a few stings, even though they caught me off guard. It was the hammer to the shin that hurt the most.

You see... when you get stung, your body has a reflex that immediately swats at the area you are being stung. Your mind doesn't hesitate to consider that one hand has a hammer in it. That's what happened. I swung at the yellow jackets and caught my shin with the hammer. It wasn't a horrible gash, but it was painful and blood was flowing immediately. This is par for the course on my at home D-H-Y projects.... "Don't Hurt Yourself". That's what I've decided to call them from here on out.

I still have some work to do on my fence, so let's hope it goes better next time.

Keep in mind, I didn't build the fence. It's pretty old. I'm just doing some repairs to make it last longer. I should probably hire someone for the rest.... but I'm cheap./