Massive Fish Caught By Nine-Year-Old In Tennessee



Now I've caught some big fish before but not an 80lb Sturgeon like this nine-year-old in Tennessee just did!

I think my biggest was like a 20lb catfish when i was younger, but this kid is setting the bar high for himself at 9. Coye Price from Bethpage caught a fish the weighed almost twice what he does.

He's just a 55lb pre-teen and was out fishing in Tennessee with his sisters and parents when he bagged a massive strugeon. His sisters previous biggest catch was a 58lb catfish, this time he brought in an 80lber.

"Coye had been saying, 'Man, I don't have nothing on these girls; I've got to catch a big fish,'" said Coye's father Chris told USA Today. "So not only did he catch a bigger fish than they had, but sturgeon are rare, which is the other cool part about it."

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Sturgeon are one of their largest fish and can reach up to 300lbs. CRAZY!

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