Brawl Outside A GA Mall Ends With A Flying Kick

We knew some people, being cooped up too long, would go a little nuts. This brawl outside of a Georgia mall is proof.

Patience is running thin as we get into our new normal, with things gradually opening back up. We're having to wait outside our favorite food places for hours to get grub, lines are forming at grocery store, as they limit how many people can be inside, and so much more. This is causing some people to go irate and lose it.

Malls in Georgia have barely been open a week and there is already viral fighting videos hitting the internet. Cell phone video from Cumberland Mall in Georgia shows a man flying through the air to kick a woman during a brawl outside the shopping center.

The security guard screams: "Get off, or I'll have to pepper spray both of you," as two women go at it on the ground, pulling each other's hair and punching and another tries breaking it up. That's when, out of nowhere, a random guy comes flying in with a kick. WARNING: The video is full of profanities. It has garnered over 4.5 million views in just days.

Can we all just calm down a little. This is completely unnecessary and make you look like a fool. There is no word on what the fight was over but act like a damn adult and walk away. We got to much else going on to worry about this crap!

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