Dr. Zubin Damania Refutes "The Plandemic" Conspiracy Documentary

I'm so back and forth on what to believe anymore. Many people where sharing "The Plandemic" documentary on social media, which claimed a giant conspiracy for medical millions but now it's being deleted and many doctors are refuting the claims, like this doctor.

I'm in no way saying I know the truth or giving my opinion on the documentary, but sharing information from opposing views to create logical thought and allow people to form their own opinion, based on facts presented from both sides. I've watched it, and am not really big on conspiracy theories, but I do have a lot of questions about the Pandemic, it's origins, and it's use for political gains. I think there is a lot of information not being shared with the public.

Dr. Zubin Damania shared his thoughts to debunk the "Plandemic" theory that it's all a ploy by the deep state to make billions of dollars off people dying. He doesn't go point for point but instead discredits the main source of the doc, Judy Mikovitz. She claims to be a former employee that was jailed without cause to keep her quite, and framed for stealing documents from her lab. Damania says a simple google search can show how that's a lie. He said in the first 5 seconds any normal person can see the "crazy- sauce of that video".

Just for some background on Dr. Damania, according to Wikipedia, he's a practicing physician at Stanford. He got an undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley, where he studied music and molecular biology. While there he completed a research thesis in a genetics lab on integrin-mediated cell-cell adhesion pathways in the Drosophila melanogastermodel with James Fristrom.

Damania attended medical school at UCSFand graduated in 1999. His time in school was marked by a series of pursuits that combined comedy and medicine: he streamed medical comedy routines for a startup called Medschool.com.

He's not the only Doctor refuting the claims. According to Derek Beres’ blog “The Anti-Vaxx agenda of Plandemic,”This agenda-based film features contradictory evidence and false claims while being championed as a beacon of truth.”

What do you think? I just want to go back to normal and live life again, hug friends again and create family memories in new places with my kids. I'm so over it all! UGH!

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